These People Started Transforming Their Bodies In 8 Weeks

These People Started Transforming Their Bodies In 8 Weeks

Has the holiday season started packing some extra pounds on your body already? Starting to feel a little bit like a stuffed turkey yourself? Have no fear, for these 5 men and women have discovered a great way to start shedding excess fat just in time for the holidays.

The program they’re involved in is called the HIIT program, which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. Born out of Australia, many people have taken to starting these intense cardio workouts in their own cities. Known also as CrossFit, these programs toss you into a very high-intensity workout, often 45 minutes in duration. People are seen lifting tractor tires, pulling heavy objects with ropes, and doing every manner of lunging that you can think of.

For Alicia Walker, she entered a specific HIIT program called the F45 Eight Week Challenge and managed to shred 26 pounds—almost 9% of her total body fat in just 8 weeks. How is this possible you might ask? Each day of the 8-week program involves a very strict meal plan, and while sticking to this plan, every member in the challenge must also perform 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training each and every day. For all 5 men and women who entered the program, they saw huge results. For Alicia Walker, she ended up being the winner of the program.

Alicia managed to shred 11.1 kilograms (That’s 26 pounds off her body) with her HIIT program. According to Alicia, she was not happy with how she was feeling before she started the program.

Alicia saw the HIIT program F45 Eight Week Challenge and decided to sign up. That same Sunday she went out to the store and purchased everything she needed to begin her meal prep.

Alicia was drinking up to 7 coffees a day, drinking alcohol and eating burgers on the weekends. She was also studying and working full time. When she cut back on her exercise to focus on her studies and an overseas trip, that’s when Alicia started to see a large gain in her weight, and a feeling of lethargy. She immediately started the rigorous meal prep involved in the 8-week program.

Although the grocery bill was large, Alicia says she ended up saving money in the long run when it came to prepping all of her meals. The first week of her program was very challenging as Alicia says her body was in full detox mode from the lack of coffee and the headaches she had made it challenging to work out. By the end of the second week of the program, Alicia says she felt incredible.

With Alicia’s new meal plan and diet, she saw that her new diet and cutting out coffee had her energy levels skyrocket. She also saw that her diet gave her much clearer skin than she ever had.

Here Alicia can be seen in the middle between her two friends who convinced her to sign up for the Eight Week HIIT program.

Alicia’s grueling schedule began at 4:30 AM when she woke up to start her HIIT program before heading to work at a nursing home until 2:00 PM, then from 3:00 PM to 10 PM she would work on her studies.

The male winner of the Eight Week Body Transformation Challenge was Matt Amos, who lost nearly 21 pounds and 8.2% of his body fat.

Another contestant, Justin Anderson, lost 23 pounds and 7.6% of his body fat using the HIIT program!

To anyone looking to follow in Alicia’s footsteps, she says that proper nutrition paired with staying active is the key to feeling healthier. This contestant, Maria Ross, lost 26 pounds, and a whopping 11.3% of her body fat!

The program is focused on detoxing the body from its pollutants and eliminating any sugar cravings during the first two weeks. After that, the rest of the time is spent sculpting the body after reducing water tension. Fran Hales lost 22 pounds and 10.% of her body fat to transform into a healthier person.

The typical meal plan for this program, although strict, is designed to help the body feel fewer cravings while giving the nourishment needed to transform your lifestyle completely. The best way to eliminate any unhealthy feelings is to stay fit and eat properly.

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