If You Don't Laugh At These Animal Posts On Tumblr, You're Running Low On A Sense Of Humor

If You Don’t Laugh At These Animal Posts On Tumblr, You’re Running Low On A Sense Of Humor

There is nothing like a silly animal photo. Guaranteed to cure any bad day, animals are often caught doing funny things that surprise even us humans.

If you’re a pet owner, you know firsthand the quirky personalities animals can have, and you’ve probably spent a lot of time on your phone capturing those moments.

These Tumblr users caught animals doing some pretty crazy things and they’re just too funny not to share. If you’re looking for something to put a smile on your face, you’ve come to the right place; add in some funny commentary and you are soon on your way to a full out chuckle. So if you happen to be having a bad day, here’s your cure!

1. People were giggling over this identity crisis: “I was at the zoo the other day and there was this goose trying to act like A FLAMINGO!”

2. This German Shepard having a stare down with the man in the mirror: ““Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat?”

3. This hungry cat refusing to take no for an answer: “Please serve her she is very hungry she walked an hour just to get here she has 8 children.”

4. The expression on this pet’s face says it all! “Do you think this is a joke?”

5. This picture that, due to perfect timing, has a fish looking like he’s trying to catch his little guppy: “Come back here, son!”

6. After you get over how cute this goat is, start singing “He was a skater goat, he said see you later, goat” and try not to laugh.

7. Are you laughing yet? What about this funny little guy and his teeny tiny legs? How does he hold himself up with those things?

8. This pup found a bunch of friends who were just as interested in him as he was in them. Now picture every one of those koi fish going “HELLO DOG! HELLO DOG! HELLO DOG!”

9. Not only did this little frog find himself an unusual home, but he also has the perfect facial expression to play gatekeeper: “What’s the password?”

10. “I’m sure this means something, but don’t ask me what.” A pack of dogs was found in very peculiar positions. A yoga class, perhaps?

11. “The harvest is bountiful this year!” This little black cat got into a little bit of trouble with a flower pot and their owner had to literally pluck them out. 

12. This dog takes his food a little too seriously. Either someone ate his sandwich and he’s ready to pounce or he’s waiting for someone else to open the fridge so he can steal a bite.

13. What about this cute bear, just sitting around contemplating life? “Yeah, I am bear. But some days, why am I bear? Is there more than bear?”

14. Do you notice the odd one out in this picture? And no, it’s not the dog patiently waiting in the back!

15. What about this dog having a bad day at the office? “Ma’am, I’m doing everything I can!”

16. This cat playing mentor to an adorable kitten. One Tumblr user was getting The Lion King feels after seeing this adorable photo. “Big cat: ‘Everything the light touches belongs to us.’” 

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